COVID-19 Update:  A Message From Our Founders, Chefs Lauren and Nelson.


Dear Loyal Customers,

We are taking deliberate steps to care for all by enforcing food safety measures and commitments to our clients and the public. By strictly following the CDC and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health's "Guidance for Food Facilities" we are putting a great emphasis on our procedures of health and cleanliness that we have in place, as well as, adopting new safety precautions. Thank you for your confidence in our vigilance to maintain a safe and healthy environment at our locations.

We are taking the following safety precautions at all of our locations:

  • We are conducting daily employee health screenings prior to each shift with symptom checks for every staff member.
  • Cloth face covers have been provided for staff members at all locations.
  • We have provided specific gloves for our staff to wear while serving our Customers, in addition to the gloves that we always wear to prepare food.
  • We have placed signage and markings to reinforce the important principle of appropriate physical distancing and face covers.
  • We are upholding our strong health code that is always in place by continuing to disinfect surfaces frequently, rigorously follow our handwashing protocol (of every 10 minutes), and requiring staff members who don't feel well to stay home from work.

We will continue to stay informed and monitor developments closely as additional information is released from the public health agencies regarding the transmission of the Coronavirus.

In hope and gratitude,

Chefs Lauren and Nelson

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